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本園以故事教學法為基礎,使兒童從聽說開始,有效引發兒童的學習興趣 ; 透過朗讀故事延伸至讀寫範疇,促進兒童的語文發展。







Our curriculum is designed according to the six major areas of the Education Bureau (2017) guidelines, based on children’s development and learning interest. It is child-oriented and adopts activity-based teaching. Through project approach, theme-based activities and extracurricular fieldwork, it focuses on stimulating children’s thinking, cultivating children’s active learning, exploring the potential of wisdom, and cultivating both group cooperation and problem-solving skills.


Our school uses the story teaching method, so that children begin with listening and speaking, effectively arousing children’s interest in learning; through reading stories aloud we extend to reading and writing in order to promote children’s language development.


Learning/Teaching Method and activities

The activity teaching method uses a cooperative approach of theme-based activities and project. Through different activities such as collection, exploration, discussion, outdoor observation, and extracurricular visits, the children’s fields of knowledge are expanded and active learning techniques are fostered.


 Learning Assignment

We use continuous observation methods to record children’s learning effectiveness. We set up a personal portfolio for each child, collect children’s development information regularly, understand the children’s learning progress, and provide appropriate guidance.