家長活動 | Parent Event


  • 定期舉辦多元化親子活動,例如:中秋提燈晚會、運動日、旅行、聖誕聯歡、食品展覽、攤位遊戲、故事演講比賽等;
  • 家長義工(協助教務及活動);家長會、家長日、家訪、家長小組觀課、家長教育講座等。
  • 舉辦家長專題講座,豐富家長育兒、教養等技巧及態度。

We emphasize the participation of parents and combines the cooperation and communication between parents and teachers, to promote the whole-person development of children, so that children can learn and grow happily.


  • Several parent-child activities are regularly held, such as: Mid-Autumn Festival party, sports day, travel, Christmas party, food exhibition, booth games, story speech contest, etc.
  • Parent volunteers (assistance with educational affairs and activities); parent meetings, parent’s day, home visits, parent group class observations, parent education seminars, etc.
  • Parent education seminars for parents to enrich their parenting skills and attitudes.