學生支援 | Student Support







*如需支援,可致電(26733199)或電郵([email protected])至本園。


Our school has registered social workers to provide different support for children. We also have an adaptation period for first year student (arrange parent company and progressive school time for the first three weeks); We also cooperate with community organizations (invite relevant personnel to school to participate and host different activities and lectures); as well provide free interest activities after class.

Supporting for non-Chinese speaking students

Our school provides appropriate translation services for non-Chinese speaking students and their parents to strengthen communication. Also, provide manpower support and professional training to teachers for formulate effective strategies to help non-Chinese speaking children learn Chinese, and at the same time enhance the teacher’s cultural sensitivity. When teaching non-Chinese speaking children, they are more sensitive to their needs.


Our school also regularly purchases diversified, interesting books and teaching materials for non-Chinese speaking students, so that they can learn Chinese in a relaxed and happy environment.


*If you need support, please call (26733199) or email ([email protected]) to us.